Key Safety Statistics About Paintball Game

Paintball is an extreme game played using “paintball markers’. These are “air guns’, powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide. It is played in teams during tournaments or just for leisure. The game can be played indoors or outdoors.

The game has been attributed to promoting violence and causing serious injuries to the players and other parties. For these reasons, it is illegal in some countries and in most other countries, it is regulated so as to promote safety. To learn more about the best paintball guns visit for paintball gun comparison and information articles about how to play and choose your gear. Here below we will discuss statistics and safety when it comes to the game of paintball.

Statistics in the United Kingdom

Key Safety Statistics About Paintball Game

According to the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation, 2002 saw the highest number of injuries from paintball skirmish. It was reported that 923 victims were involved in accidents from the paintball games. Out of all the injuries 47% were injuries to the leg/ankle/knee/foot. This translates to around 431 victims. 42% had suffered from strains and fractures. This translates to around 390 victims. Others had arm injuries.

After these analyses, the UKPSF enforced a code of practice to safeguard the players. One of the measure was that the areas where the game can be played must be assessed to eliminate any potential risks. These may include dangerous terrain, noise levels, public liability amongst others.

Paintball in the United States

Key Safety Statistics About Paintball GameAccording to the paintball business news, the game is one of the third largest alternative sport in America. In a study conducted in America, more than 10 million people had played paintball in the year 2006. It is estimated that paintball accounts for around 45 injuries out of 100,000 participants. This is significantly lower than the number of injuries caused by other games such as football, soccer, baseball and such.

A study conducted by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse (2003) showed that paintball is safer than most other sports. It revealed that the injuries from paintball do not arise from being shot by the paintball. Instead, they are from tripping and falling while playing the game.

The United States agency for Healthcare Research and Quality conducted a study on the number of victims who are received in the emergency department from sports injury. The study findings which were released in 2008 revealed that out of the injuries all the injuries, only 614 cases has ended up in the ED. Out of those cases, only 74 of the victims were serious enough to be admitted.

Working with the data, it was reveled that 10 million people play paintball in the US per year. It was also concluded that out of every 16, 000 paintball players, only one had an injury that ended up in the emergency department. The study also identified that most of the victims who had head or eye injuries incurred them after removing their head mask.


Most studies on safety statistics conclude that football has the highest injuries, followed by basketball, soccer, baseball and lastly paintball. The authorities that regulate the paintball game advice that the player adhere to the safety rules to minimize the chances of injury. One of the safety measures which is key to promote safety is to ensure one has the safety gear and maintaining it on throughout the game.