10 World’s Most Played Sports

Sports professionals and enthusiasts have made an attempt to do a ranking of the sports. The most significant factor in this ranking is the global fun base or global audience. Other factors include TV viewership, sponsorship deals, popularity in the internet, the social media presence, and the number of professionals and amateurs in each game. The following are the most watched sports in the world (from the most watched games).

Most Played Sports

Soccer (Association Football)

World's Most Played SportsSoccer (otherwise known as Association football) stands out as the most watched game in the world. The Football Association (FA), UK, is credited for standardizing the rules of the game. In particular, the FIFA world cup, that takes place every four years, has a dominant TV audience and fan following. The game is most popular in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Brazil is regarded as the best and most talented country in soccer.


World's Most Played SportsThe origin of cricket is not known. However, it is believed that it started as a game for children in England and was later loved by adults. The game is most popular in South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Field Hockey

World's Most Played SportsThe modern field hockey became popular in the nineteenth century in the English public school system. Most of the fans in field hockey are from India and Pakistan, and Pakistan still retaining its dominance with four world cup wins.


World's Most Played SportsThe origin of Tennis is in Northern France. The game gained ground among Europe’s aristocracy. Today, top tennis plays can exploit lucrative sponsorship deals as well as various prizes. The following are the highlights of tennis: Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open.


World's Most Played SportsThe game was founded in order to provide sports fans with an indoor sport that is not demanding physically. The biggest competition in volleyball in the world is the FVB Volleyball Championship.

Table Tennis

World's Most Played SportsIn Victorian England, the English started playing table tennis as a past-time activity after dinner. The name of the game evolved from “whiff-whaff,” to ping-pong, to table tennis. The game has a fanatical following in Asia, more so China. In recent years, China has dominated the sport in international competition.


World's Most Played SportsBaseball has a strong fan base in Cuba, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Japan, and the US. Its greatest TV rights deals are in Nippon League, Japan, and MLB in the USA. The sport has a strong social media and internet presence.


World's Most Played SportsThe origin of golf is a heated topic, with informed leads pointing to Scotland. Golf is a sport which requires a heavier investment compared to other sports. For example, a golf course must be large and requires high maintenance in order to maintain the scenic green color. The rules of golf are governed by one main principle- fairness.


World's Most Played SportsThe games was discovered by a Canadian doctor, James Naismith, who was working at YMCA, Springfield, Massachusetts. The game would later spread to other YMCAs. Most of its fans are in USA, Canada, Japan, and the Philippines.

American Football

World's Most Played SportsAmerican football (otherwise known as gridiron) evolved from a combination of rugby football and association football. The National Football League (NFL) oversees a competition where 32 teams take part. The highest number of American football fans is located in the US, and the game is popular throughout the year.


Sports play a critical role in the growth and development of both children and adults. Having discussed the world’s most watched sports, it is important that an individual finds a place where one can watch or participate actively in sports. However, the dynamics shaping the world’s most played sports will change with time, but there will always be something interesting to do concerning watching or participating in sport.

Top Outdoor Activities – From Fish Finders to Fishing

Outdoor activities play a critical role in promoting the overall health of a human being. They also provide a good platform for bonding with friends and family. If one is alone, it is a unique opportunity for reflection and relaxation. There are many outdoor activities that one can choose from. Here are the top four outdoor activities;

Fishing and Fish Finder Reviews

Top Outdoor ActivitiesFishing is one of the most prominent outdoor activities. There is nothing as enjoyable as casting a line at freshwater lakes and rivers. One gets an opportunity to discover the inlets, bays, estuaries, and the beaches. Another beauty of fishing is the variety of fish that one can explore during a fishing expedition.

In order to have an optimal and relaxing experience, it is important that you carry a fish finder with you. It will help you to find fish and structure that you never thought existed. However, it is good that you look for a fish finder that is fitted with GPS and reading fish finder reviews at a Fish Finder Guide might help you find the fish finder that helps you out with your fishing. This is because it will help you get home safely.

Mountain Climbing

Top Outdoor ActivitiesOne of the advantages that one has in mountain climbing is breathing in the magnificent view below you. At an elevated level, one has a better view of the flora and fauna. Many mountain climbing adventures give one an opportunity to explore the lush valleys and forests.

A mountain climbing exercise makes use of different muscle groups both in the lower and the upper body. In addition to that, it improves endurance and stamina.

Judy Fisk, a certified fitness instructor, says that mountain climbing requires quick feet, coordination, and a strong sense of timing. The exercise also helps in improving the flexibility of the body through constant, smooth, and repetitive movement. Mountain climbing carries psychological advantages since it can offer a meditative environment.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Top Outdoor ActivitiesWith canoeing and kayaking, you are going to explore the placid nature of the rivers. The fact that some rivers and lakes are not accessible by foot or road makes it more enjoyable. In most of the places, one does not have to worry about the rapids. When you decide to do canoeing and kayaking, it is advisable that you carry lunch, sunscreen, and water. In addition to that, it is important that you carry specialist equipment.


Top Outdoor ActivitiesAll types of walking carry immense health benefits- and so is hiking. A good pair of boots will help you to take on a challenging trail. Such hiking activities help you to test your mental and physical endurance. You are going to explore the beaches, the rain-forests, and the landscapes. Travelers with less time can take short walks. If you have sufficient time, it is good to challenge yourself and explore the long distance walks.


An average human being needs at least 30 minutes of moderate to rather intense activity each day. Taking an outdoor activity is more fun due to the natural terrain. A greener setting helps in improving one’s cognitive competence. People who engage in outdoor activities are less vulnerable to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Key Safety Statistics About Paintball Game

Paintball is an extreme game played using “paintball markers’. These are “air guns’, powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide. It is played in teams during tournaments or just for leisure. The game can be played indoors or outdoors.

The game has been attributed to promoting violence and causing serious injuries to the players and other parties. For these reasons, it is illegal in some countries and in most other countries, it is regulated so as to promote safety. To learn more about the best paintball guns visit http://paintballguide.net for paintball gun comparison and information articles about how to play and choose your gear. Here below we will discuss statistics and safety when it comes to the game of paintball.

Statistics in the United Kingdom

Key Safety Statistics About Paintball Game

According to the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation, 2002 saw the highest number of injuries from paintball skirmish. It was reported that 923 victims were involved in accidents from the paintball games. Out of all the injuries 47% were injuries to the leg/ankle/knee/foot. This translates to around 431 victims. 42% had suffered from strains and fractures. This translates to around 390 victims. Others had arm injuries.

After these analyses, the UKPSF enforced a code of practice to safeguard the players. One of the measure was that the areas where the game can be played must be assessed to eliminate any potential risks. These may include dangerous terrain, noise levels, public liability amongst others.

Paintball in the United States

Key Safety Statistics About Paintball GameAccording to the paintball business news, the game is one of the third largest alternative sport in America. In a study conducted in America, more than 10 million people had played paintball in the year 2006. It is estimated that paintball accounts for around 45 injuries out of 100,000 participants. This is significantly lower than the number of injuries caused by other games such as football, soccer, baseball and such.

A study conducted by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse (2003) showed that paintball is safer than most other sports. It revealed that the injuries from paintball do not arise from being shot by the paintball. Instead, they are from tripping and falling while playing the game.

The United States agency for Healthcare Research and Quality conducted a study on the number of victims who are received in the emergency department from sports injury. The study findings which were released in 2008 revealed that out of the injuries all the injuries, only 614 cases has ended up in the ED. Out of those cases, only 74 of the victims were serious enough to be admitted.

Working with the data, it was reveled that 10 million people play paintball in the US per year. It was also concluded that out of every 16, 000 paintball players, only one had an injury that ended up in the emergency department. The study also identified that most of the victims who had head or eye injuries incurred them after removing their head mask.


Most studies on safety statistics conclude that football has the highest injuries, followed by basketball, soccer, baseball and lastly paintball. The authorities that regulate the paintball game advice that the player adhere to the safety rules to minimize the chances of injury. One of the safety measures which is key to promote safety is to ensure one has the safety gear and maintaining it on throughout the game.

Essentials to Playing Golf

Finding the right equipment plays a critical role in enjoying or winning golf. In addition to that, it helps you to be more comfortable and flexible during play-time. It also helps you to avoid or manage injuries. In this regard, it is worth exploring 7 essentials to playing golf that come in handy in playing golf.

What Essentials Do You Need to Playing Golf?

Golf Clubs

Essentials to Playing GolfEvery golfer should start with buying golf clubs. Typically, a set of golf consists of two or three woods, several irons, a driver, and a pitching and/or a sand wedge. However, if one is starting on a tight budget, there is no need to worry; buying second hand golf clubs would be an alternative. Again, some clubs can be purchased individually and not necessarily as a set, the specialty wedges and hybrid clubs for instance.

Golf Balls

It should be noted that some golf balls are designed to either improve the accuracy of the player or aid the driving distance. A beginner should aim at having at least a couple of golf balls. This is because in the first trip, one is likely to lose some balls through the slices, hooks, and water hazards.

Golf Net

Investing in a high quality golf net plays in important role in helping you sharpen your game and improve your swing. For example, the Pro Series Net Return is not a cheap product (going for around $ 495), but it’s the Godfather of the home golf nets due to its functionality, stability, and ease of use. All the same, the Amazon provides a variety of golf nets, some of which are far much cheaper. Golf practice with a net is also very benefitial for you during the off season and helps you keep your skills sharp so when you step on the course again you will feel right at home from the first shot.

Golf Tee

In a golf course, every hole features a golf tee. For example, you can have tees on pars of 4s or 5s. A common approach is teeing it with a 3-wood or a driver. Tees are available in a variety of lengths and materials.

Golf Shoes

There is a difference between the golf shoes and the normal type of shoes. Golf shoes are characterized by spikes and are usually water proof. This is to help you have a firm footing during the wing. In addition to that, golf shoes are designed to help you keep safe when walking on a muddy or slippery surface.

Different manufacturers have different specifications concerning the golf shoes they deal in. However, the bottom-line is that the shoes that you choose should help you to minimize excessive movement of the foot and also help you avoid blisters. Please note that some golf facilities may have their own policy regarding the shoes that their clients should wear.

Dressing Style

Essentials to Playing GolfA typical dress code for golf consists of smart trousers, a colored shirt, and a V neck sweater. Today, other dressing codes such as the use of a sweatshirt are being accepted. Other golf courses can accept blue denim jeans, but most will not accept that. Wearing tight clothing will limit your movement and can prevent better swinging action.

Rangefinder/GPS Device

An electronic distance-measuring device is definitely going to improve your golf. It is going to help you make a sound judgment of how far you are from the hole. The GPS employs satellite technology in order to know the best route of the hole. Whereas the use of high tech at the expense of tradition can bring resentment in the golf course, it is going to help the player lower the score. Read more about golf rangefinders over here.


If this is your first time to play golf, you may consider seeking the opinion of golf professional. He or she will advise you on the equipment that you should carry along, the pros and cons of each equipment, and the list of optional equipment. Overall, with the right equipment, golf is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing sports.