What Are The Best Places to Put Gun Safe?

In May 21, 1998, Oregon received the shocking news of a shooting where Kip Kinkel killed his parents, two students at Thurston High School, and left 25 wounded. It was found that he had purchased a stolen gun. Abraham Lincoln survived an earlier gun assassination attempt and he would later face the same fate- death through a gun shot in April 14, 1865. These cases (and other gun-related incidences) have one major lesson- you got to know the best places to keep a gun safe.

There are numerous factors that determine where you should place your safe. These include the frequency that you need the gun, the type of the gun safe, the weight of the gun safe, and the contents of the gun safe.

The Best Places to Put Gun Safe

First we want to offer a great option for those looking into buying a good gun safe that is strong and hard to break into. We think that the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment is a great option for large housolds as it offers some nice features that is hard to look past when you have many things to store as you will enjoy a large full-width shelf that is located at the top and is intended to store ammo, handguns or other valuables that you might want to store inside. Keep reading to learn where to place your gun safe if you opt to buy one.

The Bedroom

What Are The Best Places to Put Gun SafeThe bedroom is one of the best places to put a gun safe. Few people will come to know about your bedroom and how you have kept your possessions. Again, most people will need a gun for self-defense, and that time one is in the bedroom.

However, you should note that most buglers in need of a gun are going to target the bedroom, more so the master bedroom. If you feel that your bedroom is not safe enough for your gun safe, due to burglary cases in your neighborhood for instance, the closet in the spare bedroom could be a better option.

Dedicated Home Office

What Are The Best Places to Put Gun SafeA compact gun safe can be put in a dedicated home office. For example, the Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 can be hidden easily in such an office and still be accessible. Another option to use in your dedicated home office is to use a diversion box that looks just like any other box but contains a handgun.

The Basement

What Are The Best Places to Put Gun SafeIf your gun safe is large, the basement is better. For example, you can move a large rifle safe to the basement. However, the basement can face the risk of flooding. In this regard, assess the risk of flooding in order to make sure that your gun safe remains in good condition. If you are worried about moisture, a de-humidifier can be of help.

Other Points to Consider

Other points to note about the best places to put a gun safe include the following:

  • If you have children in your home, the gun safe should be at least five feet tall.
  • It is important that you bolt a small gun safe to something
  • If a small gun safe has holes, it is good that you block them
  • If you opt to do the installation of the gun safe yourself, you need at least two strong people to help you with the work
  • Strange as it may sound, pets can pull a trigger. For example, in October 2015, a Labrador Retriever accidentally shot a woman in Indiana. Thus, when you are handling the gun safe, do not do it in the company of your dog.


The value of the safety gun safe cannot be underestimated. If you feel that you are not sure about the safety of your gun safe, seek the opinion of an expert who will guide you on the best course of action. That said, a gun owner should assess the safety threat, the possible risks, and effectively implement a viable gun policy.