Melatonin Supplement Side Effects

Melatonin is a hormone that helps in the wake and sleep patterns. It is naturally produced in the body by the pineal gland. However, in case one struggles with his or her sleeping behavior, then taking the melatonin supplement is an option. This refers to its synthetic version.

The National Sleep Foundation notes that there are concerns about the widespread use (and sometimes abuse) of the melatonin supplement as a consumer product. In fact, only the US is lenient on the availability and the use of the supplement over the counter. Another key concern is the side effects of melatonin.

Low levels of melatonin are considered safe in both the short term and the long term. However, a high dosage may carry a number of side effects. In particular, the children as well as the pregnant and nursing women should not use the supplement unless they talk to a medical professional first.

Melatonin Supplement Side Effects

Next-day Drowsiness

Melatonin Supplement Side EffectsMichael Grandner, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, states that contrary to what many people think, melatonin can lead to the next-day drowsiness. Sometimes, such drowsiness can be severe. In such cases, one should avoid to carry out some tasks such as working with machinery. After all, it is a hormone, and hormones, when they are introduced to the body, alter its normal functioning either to the positive or negative.

It is important that the user chooses supplements that are manufactured in a lab. The ones that initially come from animal sources may sometimes have contaminants may have adverse effects on your body.

Feeling Dizzy and Headache

With the use of melatonin, it is not uncommon to feel dizzy during the day. Again, one may experience a headache. One may also feel sleepy during the day more so when it is hot and humid. In connection to this, a significant number of users have reported feeling like falling down.

Melatonin and Other Medication

Melatonin Supplement Side EffectsMelatonin supplement may affect the effectiveness of certain medications. For example, if one is taking medication that suppresses one’s immune system, this supplement may affect its effectiveness. Other medication that may not be compatible with the supplement includes some birth control methods, diabetes medication, and blood-thinning medication.

Amplifying Insomnia

It is ironical that melatonin is supposed to manage sleep problems, but with its prolonged use, it has been known to amplify insomnia. This is because too much of the hormone overwhelms the body’s receptors. Melatonin works when you start to use it, but with time, you desensitize the brain, and this leads to a poor response. In fact, one is supposed to use the supplement for only two months.

Other Possible Effects of Melatonin

Other possible side effects of melatonin include the following:

  • Morning grogginess
  • Vivid dreams
  • Slight changes on the blood pressure
  • Lower body temperatures
  • Irritability
  • Mild anxiety


There are instances that may warrant more care on the use of melatonin and the side effects that comes with it. For example, if you take it, and consequently feel drowsy, you should not operate a machine. Similarly, if you when you take a health exam for any reason, inform your doctor if you are using melatonin. Overall, if one must use melatonin, then one should be careful to stick to the right dosage.

How to Make Energy Bar at Home?

Everyone loves a delicious and healthy energy bar. They are perfectly portable and provide the body with huge amounts of energy. You can have it for breakfast, when you are commuting, or in between your workouts. Energy bars can also keep you full, as you wait for your next meal.

The good news is that you can easily prepare it at home, using your favorite ingredients. If you can stir using a food processor, then you can make an energy bar at home. You don’t even require complicated equipment. Additionally, you will come up with nutritious and tasty bars, which are hard to find in the supermarket.

Steps Involved

How to Make Energy Bar at HomeThe combination used in this tutorial is Berry cobbler and coconut mango lime. Energy bars made from coconut mango lime are both vegan and grain free. They are also seed and nut free. This means that they can be served to almost every person, without any intolerance or allergic reactions. All you need to do is to ensure that you follow this base recipe carefully then you can explore from there. Once you have a good base recipe, chances are very slim of getting it wrong.


  • 1 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • A cup of dried Medjool dates
  • A cup of additional filling. This may include things like additional nuts, chocolate chips, coffee or other dried fruits.
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

The Process

Put all the listed ingredients into your food processor. Once all the items are there, pulse for around 3 minutes to kick start the procedure. Process the ingredients until they attain a chunky dough paste. This should take around 2 minutes. Stop halfway through the process to scrap down the sides, so that all the ingredients are uniformly processed and the paste is uniform. The dough should be processed in a way that it should hold together, once it is formed into a ball.

How to Make Energy Bar at HomeUse parchment paper to line your square pan. For good results, it is recommended to use two pieces set in opposite direction. This means that you can easily lift the bar straight from the pan, once it is ready. Add your base mixture to the pan then press down firmly to ensure that it evens out. Cover it then place in the freezer for around one hour. This helps to firm it up.

Once your bar is chilled, remove the door from the pan. You should use a sharp knife to do this, in order to obtain a uniform cut. Cut into several pieces and store them individually wrapped in parchment paper or plastic wrap. You can also use individual bags. Before chilling, you can roll the dough or mold it into little bars or balls. They should stay in good condition for several weeks.


The great thing about making energy bars at home is that, you have full control over flavor combinations and quality of the ingredients. You can be creative as much as you can with your favorite ingredients, and then make an energy bar that you love. Moreover, energy bars provide a great way to energize with healthy fiber, proteins and fats.

Reasons and Treatments of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common and persistent heel complains. The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society says that if your doctor does a diagnosis of this condition, it means that you have an inflammation of the tough and fibrous brand of tissue that connects your heel bone and the base of the toes.

Different people may experience different symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. One of the most dominant symptoms is stiffness and pain at the bottom of the heel, with others reporting pain in the bottom mid-foot area. The pain is greater in the morning and when performing some tasks such as climbing the stairs.

Reasons of Plantar Fasciitis

One of the variables that increase the probability of suffering from Plantar Fasciitis is age. The condition is more common between the age of 45 to 60. According to the New York Times, Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems can alter function and balance among the older group.

Exercise is good for the general health of your body. However, it should be done carefully in order to prevent certain conditions. Some selected exercises put considerable pressure and also stress on your heel. These include dance aerobics, long-distance running, and ballet dancing.

Reasons and Treatments of Plantar FasciitisAnother reason for Plantar Fasciitis is the mechanics of walking. Health professionals have warned individual to mind their walking styles. This is because the walking pattern affects weight distribution. In connection to this, people with obesity can be vulnerable to Plantar Fasciitis due to the extra weight. One should also be mindful about the types of shoes that one wears. Wearing shoes that do not fit well or are torn can lead to Plantar Fasciitis.

Lastly, some occupations require long hours of standing. For example, a teacher may find that he or she has a long teaching schedule. Similarly, factory workers may need to stand for long hours, and in a hard surface. When one is in such careers for many years, the risk is even greater.

Treatments of Plantar Fasciitis

The most effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis is stretching. Its immediate significance is helping you get the weight of your heel. It is advisable that you carry out at least three stretches every day. However, you should note that you cannot carry out many stretches in a single day due to to the strain that comes with it.

One can opt for anti-inflammatory medication. Its significance is that you are going to drastically decrease the inflammation in the heal of the foot or the arch. However, you should be careful to read the package well and follow instructions. You should also consume enough food and drinks because the medicine is strong.

For arch support, there are counter inserts which not only provide arch support but also soft cushion. In some cases, one may require custom inserts.


At least 90 per cent of the people who seek treatment for Plantar Fasciitis recover within two months. Ignoring the condition can lead to various complications. These includes injuries to the knees, hips, legs, and back. In case you ignore the condition for a longer time, then you will have to go for surgery.

Best Muscle Building Exercise for Beginners

Beginners in any field face some challenges in realizing their objectives- and muscle building is no exception. As a general rule, beginners in bodybuilding should start slow and have a gradual adaptation on the changes in the body. You are not going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger in the next three weeks. Again, you will be training the body, and the mind-set too, and you should not push them to the maximum. Thus, a beginner should be conscious about the fact that there are muscle building exercises that have proven the best for them.

Muscle Building Exercise for Beginners

Working Out the Major Groups

Best Muscle Building Exercise for BeginnersIt is paramount that you work out the major groups. This enables you to have a strong and symmetrical physique. It should be noted that an imbalance can have an adverse effect on your body and can harm you. In addition to that, keep on rehearsing the pattern of the movement in order to enhance coordination. Basic movement is very important before you embark on a more challenging exercise while working out on major groups.

Joints to Target

A typical training session either targets multi-joint or single-joint. For a beginner, it is advisable that you start with multi-joint. For example, a bench press is superior to a barbell curl because it targets both the shoulder and the elbow joints whereas a barbell curl targets the elbow joint only.

In connection to this, it is recommended that you do multiple sets for each and every exercise that you opt for. Scientific research that has covered resistance training shows that 3-4 sets are ideal for each exercise. Moreover, one should note that too light and too heavy exercises are not effective for a beginner. However, as your body starts to respond to the new stimulus, it is time that you set a higher goal and do more. Otherwise, if you stick too light exercise, you are not going to challenge yourself to a more vigorous exercise.

Developing Back Muscles

Best Muscle Building Exercise for BeginnersThe strength of a human being majorly lies in the back. A beginner can also aim to have a wide wing of muscles at the back. The exercises that are most fit for beginners and target the back are the following: hyper-extensions, stiff-legged good mornings, seated cable-row, pull-ups, and wide-grip lat pull-down.

Other tips that are relevant to a beginner’s muscle building efforts includes the following:

  • Be sure to do sufficient warm up exercise.
  • Do not over-do a training, and always have enough time for recovery. For a beginner, it is advisable that you have 48 hours of a break and rest between the work outs.
  • Keep a diary or a journal that will keep a record of your progress, things to do, and things to avoid.
  • Try a paleo diet, though it can be expensive especially for the long term.
  • Try to do a mix of the rep ranges.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine that it is a barrier of your muscle growth.


Beginners should try to make modest modification to their diet, and not abrupt changes. This will ensure that you do not slip back to your body habits. In addition to that, you should give your body sufficient time and pace to adapt to such changes. Most importantly, beginners should make a deliberate effort to stick to the bodybuilding program irrespective of all the challenges faced.

Best Philosophies In Fitness

One of the most critical factors in determining the success of fitness or lack of it thereof is the philosophy that a trainer has concerning a fitness program. Such a philosophy should help someone to be inspired and motivated.

One should bear in mind that fitness careers directly deal with the human body. Like all careers that deal with the human body, maintaining a high level of ethical standards is a matter of paramount importance. In this light, it is worth exploring the 10 best philosophies in fitness that can have a positive impact on one’s work.

Best Philosophies in Fitness

Fitness Tip #1

Best Philosophies In FitnessThe overall plan of your fitness regime plays a critical role in determining the rate of its success. A successful fitness program starts with identifying your fitness needs and aligning your regime to those needs.

Fitness Tip #2

Louie Arias, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer says that she listens to the needs and the preferences of the client and carries a thorough assessment of the mechanics of the clients. However, she adds that she does not hesitate to correct someone if she finds that the client could be wrong about a certain goal.

Fitness Tip #3

It is important that you create a plan, a goal, and keep a track of your progress. Measuring outcomes plays a critical role in helping you decides whether to go on with a certain strategy or re-define it.

Fitness Tip #4

Treat other people as you would like them to treat you. It is true that a fitness center is a business entity in itself. And it is true that you need to make a career and earn a living. But you should have a client centered approach to your business.

Fitness Tip #5

Your customers should appreciate that fitness is not about being fit more than someone else. On the contrary, it is about being more fit than you were yesterday. If your clients are too concerned about the achievement of others, they are not going to realize their objectives.

Fitness Tip #6

Best Philosophies In FitnessA good personal trainer should combine exercise with a healthy diet. Doing a lot of exercise without being sensitive to your diet is inconsequential and will lead to poor fitness outcomes more so in the long run.

Fitness Tip #7

A fitness trainer should learn to identify the exercises that are working, and continue with such exercises, and the ones that are not working, and discard such exercises. Bruce Lee says, Absorb what is useful; reject what is useless.”

Fitness Tip #8

An organized fitness program should also lay a strong focus on the design and the process. Health and fitness professionals have carried out many studies whose finding is going to be of much help. Like a scientific experiment which can be replicated if the design and process is provided, and so is a fitness program.

Fitness Tip #9

As far as possible, and if you have sufficient staff, you can develop a specialty in order to serve your clients better. Possible fitness specialties include the following: exercise therapy, golf conditioning, high intensity training, sports conditioning, injury prevention, weight loss, and muscle building.

Fitness Tip #10

Lastly, as a trainer, it is good that you guide your clients towards attaining a transformation. You should bear in mind that people may have tried to keep fit for many years, and what they are looking for is to have a complete overhaul of their life and be fit.


The philosophy of the trainer plays a critical role in streamlining all the activities in a training session and program. It also helps in assisting the trainer and the clients stick to their objectives as well as the development of certain values such as consistency. Most importantly, it is important that you run a sustainable fitness program.