Best Philosophies In Fitness

One of the most critical factors in determining the success of fitness or lack of it thereof is the philosophy that a trainer has concerning a fitness program. Such a philosophy should help someone to be inspired and motivated.

One should bear in mind that fitness careers directly deal with the human body. Like all careers that deal with the human body, maintaining a high level of ethical standards is a matter of paramount importance. In this light, it is worth exploring the 10 best philosophies in fitness that can have a positive impact on one’s work.

Best Philosophies in Fitness

Fitness Tip #1

Best Philosophies In FitnessThe overall plan of your fitness regime plays a critical role in determining the rate of its success. A successful fitness program starts with identifying your fitness needs and aligning your regime to those needs.

Fitness Tip #2

Louie Arias, an exercise physiologist and personal trainer says that she listens to the needs and the preferences of the client and carries a thorough assessment of the mechanics of the clients. However, she adds that she does not hesitate to correct someone if she finds that the client could be wrong about a certain goal.

Fitness Tip #3

It is important that you create a plan, a goal, and keep a track of your progress. Measuring outcomes plays a critical role in helping you decides whether to go on with a certain strategy or re-define it.

Fitness Tip #4

Treat other people as you would like them to treat you. It is true that a fitness center is a business entity in itself. And it is true that you need to make a career and earn a living. But you should have a client centered approach to your business.

Fitness Tip #5

Your customers should appreciate that fitness is not about being fit more than someone else. On the contrary, it is about being more fit than you were yesterday. If your clients are too concerned about the achievement of others, they are not going to realize their objectives.

Fitness Tip #6

Best Philosophies In FitnessA good personal trainer should combine exercise with a healthy diet. Doing a lot of exercise without being sensitive to your diet is inconsequential and will lead to poor fitness outcomes more so in the long run.

Fitness Tip #7

A fitness trainer should learn to identify the exercises that are working, and continue with such exercises, and the ones that are not working, and discard such exercises. Bruce Lee says, Absorb what is useful; reject what is useless.”

Fitness Tip #8

An organized fitness program should also lay a strong focus on the design and the process. Health and fitness professionals have carried out many studies whose finding is going to be of much help. Like a scientific experiment which can be replicated if the design and process is provided, and so is a fitness program.

Fitness Tip #9

As far as possible, and if you have sufficient staff, you can develop a specialty in order to serve your clients better. Possible fitness specialties include the following: exercise therapy, golf conditioning, high intensity training, sports conditioning, injury prevention, weight loss, and muscle building.

Fitness Tip #10

Lastly, as a trainer, it is good that you guide your clients towards attaining a transformation. You should bear in mind that people may have tried to keep fit for many years, and what they are looking for is to have a complete overhaul of their life and be fit.


The philosophy of the trainer plays a critical role in streamlining all the activities in a training session and program. It also helps in assisting the trainer and the clients stick to their objectives as well as the development of certain values such as consistency. Most importantly, it is important that you run a sustainable fitness program.