Best Muscle Building Exercise for Beginners

Beginners in any field face some challenges in realizing their objectives- and muscle building is no exception. As a general rule, beginners in bodybuilding should start slow and have a gradual adaptation on the changes in the body. You are not going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger in the next three weeks. Again, you will be training the body, and the mind-set too, and you should not push them to the maximum. Thus, a beginner should be conscious about the fact that there are muscle building exercises that have proven the best for them.

Muscle Building Exercise for Beginners

Working Out the Major Groups

Best Muscle Building Exercise for BeginnersIt is paramount that you work out the major groups. This enables you to have a strong and symmetrical physique. It should be noted that an imbalance can have an adverse effect on your body and can harm you. In addition to that, keep on rehearsing the pattern of the movement in order to enhance coordination. Basic movement is very important before you embark on a more challenging exercise while working out on major groups.

Joints to Target

A typical training session either targets multi-joint or single-joint. For a beginner, it is advisable that you start with multi-joint. For example, a bench press is superior to a barbell curl because it targets both the shoulder and the elbow joints whereas a barbell curl targets the elbow joint only.

In connection to this, it is recommended that you do multiple sets for each and every exercise that you opt for. Scientific research that has covered resistance training shows that 3-4 sets are ideal for each exercise. Moreover, one should note that too light and too heavy exercises are not effective for a beginner. However, as your body starts to respond to the new stimulus, it is time that you set a higher goal and do more. Otherwise, if you stick too light exercise, you are not going to challenge yourself to a more vigorous exercise.

Developing Back Muscles

Best Muscle Building Exercise for BeginnersThe strength of a human being majorly lies in the back. A beginner can also aim to have a wide wing of muscles at the back. The exercises that are most fit for beginners and target the back are the following: hyper-extensions, stiff-legged good mornings, seated cable-row, pull-ups, and wide-grip lat pull-down.

Other tips that are relevant to a beginner’s muscle building efforts includes the following:

  • Be sure to do sufficient warm up exercise.
  • Do not over-do a training, and always have enough time for recovery. For a beginner, it is advisable that you have 48 hours of a break and rest between the work outs.
  • Keep a diary or a journal that will keep a record of your progress, things to do, and things to avoid.
  • Try a paleo diet, though it can be expensive especially for the long term.
  • Try to do a mix of the rep ranges.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine that it is a barrier of your muscle growth.


Beginners should try to make modest modification to their diet, and not abrupt changes. This will ensure that you do not slip back to your body habits. In addition to that, you should give your body sufficient time and pace to adapt to such changes. Most importantly, beginners should make a deliberate effort to stick to the bodybuilding program irrespective of all the challenges faced.